Friday, May 19, 2017

Warning Signs of Implant Failure

Repairing implants is one of the most important procedures we perform at Southern Cross Dental. Though implants are long-lasting solutions to missing teeth, they do not last forever, and in some unfortunate cases, need to be replaced early.

Some patients are allergic to the titanium used in most implant screws. This will cause swelling and pain immediately after implantation which will not go away. It is also possible for an implant to be placed on a nerve. Besides being extremely painful, this will prevent the implant from fusing with the jaw bone properly. While bleeding and pain are expected in the days following insertion of an implant, if bleeding continues after the third day, the patient should seek medical help.
Implants should never move. Dentists monitor a patient’s jaw bone for two years following implant surgery. If too much bone tissue is lost, removal of the implant must be considered. If an implant is being endangered by inflammation of the gum tissue, it may be possible to save the implant by cleaning it and the surrounding area, but if an implant can move, it means the fusion between it and the bone has failed.

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