Friday, May 19, 2017

Delay Dental Treatment and Pay the Price

It’s important for people to remember that maintaining proper dental care habits not only reduces the risk of periodontal disease and tooth decay but can also put less of a dent in your wallet in the long run. Visiting the dentist twice a year and maintaining basic oral health is far less expensive than replacing a lost tooth or undergoing an extensive procedure to cure dental disease. Here at Southern Cross Dental, our doctors can teach you the importance of oral health and help you sustain a healthy smile.

Taking care of oral health now can help you save money and avoid paying for expensive procedures later. One example of the cost of avoiding dental care is that oral health problems if left unchecked may lead to losing your teeth. Something that could be a simple fix, such as filling a cavity, may turn into receiving dental implants down the line because your tooth has become decayed and rotten.

If you have been avoiding the dentist, give us a call before your negligence gets worse and to discuss your insurance options. To learn about the services we provide at our practice, for more information. To schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at Southern Cross Dental in Colorado Springs, CO, call 719-471-1717.

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