Friday, May 19, 2017

Gum Pocket Reduction

Gum pocket reductions are one of the most variable and important restorative procedures we perform at Southern Cross Dental in Colorado Springs. While most of the restorations people are familiar with replace teeth, gum pocket reductions help the gums heal, usually without artificial material.
The roots of teeth are held in place by gum pockets which patients cannot clean on their own. If they go too long without a deep cleaning at the dentist’s, plaque will build up below the gum line and acid will stick to it. As gum and bone tissue disintegrates, the pocket becomes looser and the empty space is filled with more bacteria and plaque, accelerating the decay process.

Our doctors and hygienists can clean out gum pockets, but unless they’re filled or sealed, they’ll just become a trap for plaque again. Usually, closing a pocket only requires an incision in a healthy part of the gum. A flap can then be sutured over the pocket. Other times, a gum graft may be necessary. But hopefully, the roots of the teeth will be covered again, and the patient will be in a better position to resist periodontal disease.

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