Thursday, February 27, 2020

Teeth Whitening

When your smile starts to lose its signature shine, contact Southern Cross Dental about our teeth whitening services. This is the dental process of enhancing the natural color and shading of your teeth. Drs. Navid and Faranak Rahimpour will meet with you to discuss all the whitening options. To learn more, contact our office in Colorado Springs, CO.


Before we discuss the teeth whitening process, it’s vital that we go over how teeth are stained. Avoiding these factors brightens your smile naturally. It’s important to note that teeth also dull as we age. This can’t be avoided but other aspects can. The first thing to evaluate is your diet. Foods that are high in tannic acids, like grapes, can stain your teeth. You should also avoid drinks like tea, coffee, and soda. If you do drink these, take sips of water throughout. The water helps clean off the staining elements from your other drink. If changing your diet doesn’t help, teeth whitening is the solution for you.


Your appointment with your Colorado Springs, CO, dentist is very straightforward. It’s a chance for you to ask any questions while learning about the different whitening options.


The most popular choice is the At-Home Whitening. Drs. Navid or Faranak Rahimpour takes an impression of your teeth. They use this to make customized trays for you. At your home, you’ll insert the whitening gel into the tray and then insert it in your mouth. They make a schedule for you to follow so you achieve optimal results. In-Office Whitening is another possible choice. This option offers the brightest smile. UV Light is used to brighten your smile for one hour. It’s very relaxing, and patients can read, watch TV, or even nap.


If you’re interested in learning more about teeth whitening or our other dental services, contact Southern Cross Dental today. Drs. Navid and Faranak Rahimpour are available by appointment at their office in Colorado Springs, CO. Call 719-471-1717 or visit

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Have you ever noticed a slight pain in your teeth, most likely your lower molars, while chewing? Did the sensation stop once you finished eating, only to occur again at your next meal? You are experiencing what is known as Cracked Tooth Syndrome (CTS). These are fractures that are so small that they aren’t visible on x-rays. You need to schedule an appointment with Southern Cross Dental right away. Drs. Navid and Faranak Rahimpour are available in Colorado Springs, CO.


The main symptom is a pain when chewing or eating. You might not feel it all the time, depending on what you’re eating and the angle it touches the tooth. Expect the tooth in question to be sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.


Diagnosing a patient with CTS is difficult. As mentioned, x-rays will not detect these small cracks. Your Colorado Springs, CO, dentist must examine your mouth themselves. Special tools show any cracks or irregularities in the gums. Once Drs. Navid or Faranak Rahimpour identify the effected tooth, they can move forward with treatment.


Treatment depends on the length of the crack and its location. Crowns are placed when the crack extends to the cusps of the tooth. For deeper cracks in the pulp, a root canal can help. Severe cases may constitute an extraction. It’s important to note that treatment doesn’t guarantee complete relief from your symptoms. You’ll likely still feel the pain now and then.


Southern Cross Dental is located in Colorado Springs, CO. To schedule an appointment with Drs. Faranak and Navid Rahimpour, call 719-471-1717 or visit their website at