Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can create more than just a goofy grin. When missing teeth are not replaced, they can create health hazards. Southern Cross Dental of Colorado Springs, CO wants our patients to know why it is so important to replace missing teeth.

When a tooth goes missing, the gum and bone tissue that used to surround it begin to deteriorate. When the tooth is not replaced quickly, this deterioration will cause problems. The other teeth in the mouth will begin to shift towards that open space. This will create spots where bacteria can hide. It will also change the appearance of your smile.

When multiple teeth are missing, the deterioration of the jawbone can lead to a noticeable change in your jaw shape. Facial muscles may also begin to sag, making you appear older than you actually are.

Replacing a tooth as soon as possible stops other teeth from shifting around in the mouth and can help keep the shape of your jaw. At our dental practice here in Colorado Springs, CO, we offer multiple options for tooth replacement. Our experienced dentists will be able to tell you whether a bridge, a dental implant, or dentures are right for you.

Do not put off replacing a tooth simply because it does not presently bother you. Choosing not to replace teeth can create complications in the future. To schedule your consultation with Southern Cross Dental here in our Colorado Springs, CO practice, call our office at (719) 471-1717 or visit our website,

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Toothbrush Tips for Painful or Difficult-to-Move Hands

When a patient has limited hand movement or difficulty using their hands, it can be difficult to do a good job with oral care. Thankfully, there are ways to make brushing less of a hassle. At Southern Cross Dental here in Colorado Springs, CO, we want our patients with difficulty moving their hands to know that they can still take excellent care of their teeth.

Toothbrushes can be hard to maneuver around the mouth when you are struggling with conditions like arthritis. Take a few tips for picking out the right toothbrush to help you out. The toothbrush should have a handle that you can easily grip. Thicker handles are best for this. Also, look for one with a non-slip grip. This will make the toothbrush easier to control. One more tip is to look for a toothbrush with a small head. A smaller head makes it easier to move the toothbrush around in your mouth and reach every corner.

If you are using all of the above tips with a manual toothbrush and still having difficulty cleaning your teeth, try using an electric toothbrush. While normally, manual toothbrushes do just as good of a job of cleaning as electric ones, for those with difficulty using their hands, electric toothbrushes can offer major benefits. They basically just need to be held in the right positions and they do all the scrubbing.

Do not let painful hands or difficulty with movement stop you from having great oral health. To schedule a cleaning with Southern Cross Dental in our Colorado Springs, CO office, call us at (719) 471-1717 or visit our website,

Friday, October 16, 2015

How to Make Dental Care Fun for Kids

We all know that sometimes it feels like getting kids to brush and floss is like “pulling teeth”. However, it is an important step in their oral health. Southern Cross Dental of Colorado Springs, CO wants to give parents pointers on making dental care fun for kids.

To help kids understand how to brush their teeth well, brush yours with them. This way they can see how to hold the toothbrush, which spots in the mouth to brush, and how long they should be brushing for. Kids love to play “monkey see, monkey do”, so they will most likely find this fun.

A full two minutes should be spent brushing teeth. A great way to make sure kids reach that full two minutes is by playing one of their favorite songs. This makes the time go by quicker for them, plus you will rest assured knowing they are doing a good job.

Offer rewards for when they complete all of their brushing and flossing for the day. These rewards can be like picking a bedtime story, getting to spend extra time playing outside, or taking them to a park on the weekend if they complete their brushing and flossing every day for the whole week.

Healthy home habits promote healthy dental visits. To schedule your child’s dental visit at Southern Cross Dental of Colorado Springs, CO, call us at (719) 471-1717 or visit our website,

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Preventive Care and Oral Hygiene

If you don’t take care of your teeth and properly maintain your oral health, you may find yourself spending thousands of dollars in restorative dental care down the line. Although we love to see you here at Southern Cross Dental, we want to save you money and help you keep your teeth for life. When the dental team and the patient work together, this can help to prevent the need for treatment.

Preventive dentistry emphasizes the importance of ongoing hygiene procedures and daily practices to prevent tooth decay and other dental diseases and conditions. Effective preventive dentistry combines at-home oral care by patients with chairside treatments and counseling by dental professionals. The American Dental Association recommends a minimum of two dental checkups each year for professional cleaning and management of any developing conditions. Obeying this recommendation can help our dentists stop dental disease in the earliest stages, protecting your smile and your wallet.


Considering that oral health is linked to overall health, preventive dentistry is important for the sake of your overall wellbeing. For more information on prevention dentistry, give us a call today or visit for more information. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Navid Rahimpour DDS, or Dr. Faranak Rahimpour DDS at Southern Cross Dental in Colorado Springs, CO, call 719-471-1717.