Thursday, August 27, 2015

What is a Dental Implant Procedure Like?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants may be an option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason. At Southern Cross Dental, the dental implant procedure is a team effort between you and Dr. Navid Rahimpour DDS, or Dr. Faranak Rahimpour DDS. Depending on your specific condition and the type of implant chosen, here at Southern Cross Dental we will create a treatment plan tailored to meet your needs.

The process of getting implants requires a number of visits over several months. X-rays and impressions (molds) are taken of the jaw and teeth to determine bone, gum tissue, and spacing available for an implant. While the area is numb, the implant will be surgically placed into the bone and allowed to heal and integrate itself for up to six months. Depending on the type of implant, a second surgery may be required in order to place the “post” that will hold the artificial tooth in place. With other implants the post and anchor are already attached and placed at the same time.

If you are considering dental implants, schedule a consultation to discuss your options. To learn more about dental implants, recovery, and other services offered at Southern Dental in Colorado Springs, CO, visit for more information. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Navid Rahimpour DDS, or Dr. Faranak Rahimpour DDS, call 719-471-1717.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Different Types of Dental Mouthguards

Mouth guards should be used by anyone – children and adults – who play contact sports such as football, boxing, soccer, ice hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and field hockey. However, even participating in noncontact sports (gymnastics) and any recreational activity (skateboarding, mountain biking) that might pose a risk of injury to the mouth would benefit from wearing a protective mouthguard as well. At Southern Cross Dental, Dr. Navid Rahimpour DDS, and Dr. Faranak Rahimpour DDS, offer a variety of mouthguards to fit your needs.

Though there are literally thousands of mouth guard brands, most brands fall into three major categories: stock mouth guards, boil and bite mouth guards, and customized mouth guards. Stock mouth guards can be bought directly off the shelf and immediately fitted into the mouth. The fit is universal (one-size-fits-all), meaning that the mouth guard doesn’t adjust. Boil and bite mouth guards are usually made from thermoplastic and are easily located at most sporting goods stores. First, the thermoplastic must be immersed in hot water to make it pliable, and then it must be pressed on the teeth to create a custom mold. Customized mouth guards offer the greatest degree of protection and are custom-made by the dentist. First, the dentist makes an impression of the teeth using special material, and then the mouth guard is constructed over the mold.

If you have questions or concerns about choosing a mouth guard please contact our office or visit for more information. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Navid Rahimpour DDS, or Dr. Faranak Rahimpour DDS, at Southern Cross Dental in Colorado Springs, CO, call 719-471-1717. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

How to Select the Best Toothbrush

With so many shapes, sizes and styles of toothbrushes on the market, deciding which kind to buy can be confusing. There are certain characteristics that you should look for in whatever toothbrush you choose, regardless of whether it is manual or powered. At Southern Cross Dental, Dr. Navid Rahimpour DDS, and Dr. Faranak Rahimpour DDS want you to consider some general tips next time you take a walk down the toothbrush aisle.

Small brush head and well-designed bristles are important. Choose a toothbrush with a small brush head and a bristle design that helps you to get to the hard to reach places of your mouth. Your toothbrush should also have soft bristles that are gentle on your teeth and gums. Another essential feature is a comfortable handle. Many toothbrushes have non-slip grips which make them easy to use even if wet. A worn toothbrush can damage gum tissue, so be sure to replace your toothbrush every three months or when it becomes worn.

If you have questions about the difference between electric toothbrushes versus manual toothbrushes, know that one is not necessarily better than the other. If you are looking for a professional opinion, Dr. Navid Rahimpour DDS, and Dr. Faranak Rahimpour DDS can provide you with assistance. To schedule a consultation at Southern Cross Dental in Colorado Springs, CO, call 719-471-1717 or visit for more information. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tips For Keeping White, Bright Teeth

Keeping teeth white can seem tough when you are brushing and flossing as you should, but aren’t seeing much improvement. This is why Southern Cross Dental of Colorado Springs, CO wants to inform our patients of tips and tricks for keeping a whiter smile.

To get a head start on whiter teeth, schedule a consultation with us for professional whitening. We have both in-office and take-home treatments for your convenience. Our professionally accessed whitening systems are safe and often result in dramatic differences.

To keep stains away at home, brushing your teeth three times per day is ideal. Plaque forms mere hours after brushing. Plaque is a sticky substance that can hold in stain-causing debris if not brushed away. Make sure to floss every day, as well, as plaque and other debris form between teeth, too.

Dark foods and drinks like blueberries, coffee, cola, and soy sauce can discolor teeth. When surface stains penetrate the enamel and darken the dentin, this is what discolors the whole tooth. It is a good idea to rinse your mouth after consuming dark foods and drinks. For dark drinks, using a straw will often let the liquid skip over the front teeth altogether and limits the amount of time the liquid is touching your other teeth.

To find out more tips on keeping white, bright teeth or to schedule a whitening consultation, call Southern Cross Dental of Colorado Springs, CO at (719) 471-1717 or visit our website,