Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Using Tongue Cleaners

Your teeth and gums are considered the most important part of your mouth. But what about your tongue? Keeping your tongue healthy and clean is an often ignored area in your dental routine. That’s why Drs. Navid Rahimpour and Faranak Rahimpour recommend Tongue Cleaners/Scrapers. These are small dental appliances sold at most grocery stores. They scrape bacteria and coatings off your tongue, improving your health and breath!


Using a tongue scraper is simple and easy. First, place the tongue cleaner at the back of your tongue. Slowly move it forward, scraping your tongue along the way. Rinse it off and your mouth out after each series of strokes. This will remove the tongue coating. There are a handful of reasons why your tongue might be coated, such as smoking, yeast infections, dry mouth, medications, and poor oral hygiene. The coating itself is made of built-up bacteria and dead cells.


There are a variety of benefits to using a tongue cleaner. The biggest is that it removes harmful bacteria from your mouth while also improving your breath. Certain studies have proved that daily tongue cleanings lead to heightened taste. A healthier mouth leads to a healthier life. You experience less dental problems when you minimize your oral bacteria.


Be careful when using your tongue scraper. Putting the device too far back on your tongue can activate your gag reflex. The ability that allows the tongue cleaner to scrape means that there are sharper edges. Try not to cut yourself, avoid putting too much pressure in certain places.


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