Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Porcelain Veneers

The doctors and staff of Southern Cross Dental are often asked about the latest cosmetic fixes for teeth.  There are treatments available for whitening or masking chipped teeth, but veneers are the best way to completely makeover your smile.  Our porcelain veneers are made from a thin ceramic shell and fit over your existing teeth.  Patients with cosmetic issues like staining, cracked or chipped teeth, and even crooked teeth and small gaps can achieve a gorgeous smile with veneers.

Fitting a patient with a new set of veneers is usually completed in two visits.  You and your dentist will discuss the shape and look you desire for your new smile, and your dentist may need to prepare the teeth by buffing or shaping any areas that could cause a problem with fit.  Accurate impressions of the mouth are then taken, and sent to a dental laboratory where your new custom veneers are fabricated.  On your final visit, the teeth are cleaned to ensure a great bond for the veneers.  The shells are then bonded to the surface of your teeth for you to wear home and wear forever!

To learn more about porcelain veneers and all the services we provide at our practice, visit for more information. To schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at Southern Cross Dental in Colorado Springs, CO, call 719-471-1717.

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