Thursday, September 7, 2017

Loose Permanent Teeth

Loose permanent teeth are major problems which require the attention of dentists who are skilled in several areas. At Southern Cross Dental, we’re prepared to be part of a patient’s care team for the consequences of dental trauma severe enough to compromise a tooth’s support structure.

There is an important distinction to be made between teeth which have come loose as a result of mechanical damage and those that have become loose due to a gum infection. At its most extreme, periodontal disease doesn’t just dissolve the gingival ligaments holding the teeth in place; it also dissolves the tissue of the jaw bone. This makes teeth likelier to come loose or fall out, and when the molars are compromised, people sometimes attempt to chew with their front teeth. Doing this often results in an open bite or causes the front teeth to come loose, as well.

During treatment for loose teeth, patients often wear dental splints. The splint may be permanent, or it may only be needed for a few weeks. However, the periodontal infection must be brought under control prior to attempting to restore any teeth that have been lost.

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