Thursday, August 31, 2017

Pain around Fillings

We provide high-quality fillings at Southern Cross Dental. While some sensitivity is normal after a filling’s placement, it is generally worth it to prevent further tooth decay and to remove a hiding place for bacteria. However, when pain persists for several days after a filling was placed or begins long after a successful restoration, patients should seek the attention of one of our dentists.

Some fillings are made of material than can shrink after placement, which leaves a gap bacteria can enter. It is also possible for a filling to be shaped in a way that prevents the patient from fully biting down, which may be painful. Such fillings need to be redone. But even a filling which was made well may not last forever. The sealant holding a filling in place can break, causing it to come loose and for bacteria to enter the crack in the sealant.

If a bacterial infection reached the pulp of a tooth, a filling will not be sufficient to remove the problem. The patient will have to undergo a root canal. However, the advanced imaging devices in our office make it unlikely that an infection would be undertreated.

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