Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Inlay/onlay restorations are partial crowns that are used to restore function and appearance to your teeth. You are going to have your teeth, and your smile, the rest of your life. You might as well enjoy them! Drs. Navid Rahimpour DDS and Faranak Rahimpour DDS offer inlay/onlay services to our patients here at Southern Cross Dental. We are located in Colorado Springs, CO.


Inlays/onlays attach to the base of your individual teeth. Depending on the severity of the damage, you’ll either get one or the other. If the tooth’s cusp has no damage, an inlay will be used. Inlays are just bonded directly onto the tooth. If there is damage, an onlay is needed. Onlays are basically used to replace one or more of the tooths cusps. It extends onto the chewing surface on the back of the tooth.


These restorative devices can be made out of porcelain, gold, or composite resin. Porcelain is the recommended choice. It is the strongest and the most natural looking.


The complete process takes between 2-3 appointments. Drs. Rahimpour will first apply a local anesthetic to your tooth. The decayed areas will then be removed. In order for the inlay/onlay to fit perfectly, an impression of your tooth is taken. This impression is sent to a dental laboratory to create your personalized restorative device. A temporary sealant will be applied while the device is being manufactured. At the second appointment, the sealant is removed and the device is placed. It will be bonded permanently onto the tooth.


Southern Cross Dental is located in Colorado Springs, CO. To schedule an appointment with Drs. Navid Rahimpour or Faranak Rahimpour, visit our website or call 719-471-1717.

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