Friday, May 24, 2019

Adding Mouthwash To Your Dental Routine

Drs. Navid Rahimpour and Faranak Rahimpour recommend adding mouthwash to your daily dental routine. Our team here at Southern Cross Dental, located in Colorado Springs, CO, warn that mouthwash shouldn't replace brushing and flossing, but act as a supplement for improving dental health. It’s great for cleaning areas of your mouth that are otherwise unreachable. With mouthwash, you won’t have to worry about bad breath!


Therapeutic and cosmetic mouthwash are the two types of mouthwash. Cosmetic is merely for getting rid of bad breath. Patients invest in therapeutic mouthwash to combat dental problems like gingivitis, plaque, and cavities. Each brand of mouthwash has not only a unique flavor but specific benefits.


Follow these general instructions for using mouthwash:


-Pour the recommended amount into your mouth.

-Swish it around your mouth while your mouth is closed. Try to be thorough and swish aggressively. Do this for the recommended amount of time, usually around 30 seconds.

-Spit out the mouthwash when you’re done. Never swallow it! Most mouthwash contains ingredients like fluoride, which can be dangerous when ingested.

-Avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes afterward.


Your Colorado Springs dentist has a few tips and tricks for patients looking to invest in mouthwash. Pay close attention to the benefits each mouthwash provides. If you’re interested in minimizing your cavities, buy a kind that focuses on cavity prevention. For patients who are sensitive to certain dental products, invest in sensitive or natural brands. Be cautious of mouthwashes that contain alcohol in them. Pay attention to who you’re buying for.


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