Wednesday, April 3, 2019

National Facial Protection Month

April is National Facial Protection Month. We at Southern Cross Dental in Colorado Springs are proud to have so many families rely on us for the care of their smiles. To ensure that athletes are taking as good preventive care as possible, we thought this would be the perfect time to discuss mouthguard use.

Mouthguards come in a variety of options, but it’s generally better to have one than not. However, it is in the wearer’s interest for it to be as well-fitted as possible. Not only will it provide better protection, it won’t need to be as bulky and shouldn’t cause difficulty breathing. Dentists can custom-fit mouthguards, but there are boil-and-bite models available in sports stores and through online retailers. The manufacturer’s website will provide information about how to care for it, but it should generally be kept dry in a case that is cleaned daily.

Most youth sports require athletes to wear mouthguards. It’s also a good idea to wear them while doing activities in which there is a high risk of falling, such as skating and cycling. Adolescents especially should keep in mind that their teeth are shifting position quickly, and that their mouthguards frequently need to be refitted. Updating a mouthguard may be a normal part of an orthodontic appointment.

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