Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Flossing Properly

At Southern Cross Dental, our doctors take pride in providing the best oral care for our patients.  We also encourage you and your family to continue healthy oral care routines at home.  Regular flossing is essential to maintaining oral health and you should floss once a day, either before or after brushing. Remember these tips to floss effectively:

  • A strand of dental floss about 18 inches long allows you to wrap the ends of the floss around a finger on each hand. This gives you excellent control over the portion of floss you are using.

  • The proper technique to flossing is sliding the floss between the teeth and rubbing the floss back and forth up until you reach your gums.

  • Pushing at your gums too hard with floss can damage your gum line and isn’t necessary to floss properly. Gently rub the floss up to one gum, then down and back up towards the other.

  • As you move on to the next tooth, adjust the floss to expose an unused portion. Repeat this rubbing motion between each tooth and dispose of the floss once you are finished.

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